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Swimming pools are big energy consumers. Pool owner/operators spend billions of dollars annually to heat the nation's pools. Much of this energy is often wasted and can be saved with proper management. Wasting energy also contributes to our growing air quality problem.

MoneyRSPEC! was a program initiative of the Institutional Conservation Program (ICP) of the U.S. Department of Energy to Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs. RSPEC! was a part of the national effort to reduce energy consumption and air pollution, thus protecting the environment. It was also a partnership between the public sector and private industry to support the promotion and transfer of market ready energy efficient products to the institutional, commercial, and residential pool operator/owner.


  • Focusing national awareness on pool energy consumption, related costs, and the impact on our environment.
  • Identification of practical solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental emissions and achieve overall operating cost savings and benefits.
  • Support of market-ready renewable energy products, through information and technology transfer to the institutional, commercial, and residential pool operator. Such products have proven records of three to five years' payback and a warranty of at least five years.


The Institutional Conservation Program works primarily with schools, educational institutions, and hospitals who operate sports and therapeutic pools. The program has shared its outreach to encompass all types of pool operators and owners. In addition, partnerships are being created between DOE and national pool associations, manufacturers of pool energy management equipment and systems, and dealers and distributors to implement energy efficiencies and renewable technologies in the industry.


There are many energy efficient measures that are currently available. By employing some or all of these energy management systems, one will save energy and lower utility costs. Some of these measures are: adding a pool cover, using a solar pool heating system, installing windbreaks, selecting high efficiency heating equipment, installing energy efficient lighting, pumps and motors, and employing heat recovery ventilation. Adding or upgrading to these energy efficient measures may account for a savings of more than 50% in energy costs.


The "Department" created a software package titled Energy Smart Pools that allows the user to input data and receive a projection of potential savings to be realized by implementing a variety of energy management systems.

Also, consumer oriented fact sheets discussing energy management systems and a presentation to support RSPEC! are also available.

Take advantage of RSPEC!. YOU can make a difference!


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This web site is posted here as a service by R. L. Martin & Associates, Inc.. This is a former U.S. Department of Energy program that no longer has any funding so the information is provided here as is.  There is no one to answer any questions anymore, but the site still contains very useful information.